Wedbush Securities Gives Back through Charitable-Giving Program


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Mark Heiden provides financial advisement to approximately 400 clients in his role as managing director of investments at the Newport Beach, California office of Wedbush Securities. As a member of the Wedbush team, Mark Heiden supports the firm’s multifaceted corporate-giving program, WedbushCares.

Wedbush Securities gives back to the communities in which it operates through WedbushCares. Over the years, this charitable-giving program has provided financial assistance to a number of nonprofit organizations. Beyond donations, WedbushCares encourages the firm’s employees to make an impact in their own communities by volunteering their time and making other personal contributions.

Charities that have received support from WedbushCares include the American Cancer Society, City Harvest, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Further, the charitable-giving program pursues the goal of instilling financial literacy in young people through the WISE (Wedbush Investment in Student Education) initiative and through partnerships with Junior Achievement and the SIMA Foundation.


The Fundamentals of Healthy Roses

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A respected presence in the financial sector, Newport Beach, California-based Mark Heiden serves as the managing director of investments at Wedbush Securities. A wine aficionado who enjoys equestrian activities, Mark Heiden also grows roses in his free time.

Important aspects of ensuring healthy, full-blooming roses include planting them in soil that is enriched with bark or compost and permits easy draining. Sun-loving, the rose plant should receive several hours of sunlight daily. Roses should be watered infrequently, yet deeply, with the water applied directly in the soil.

The reason for this watering technique is that foliage is best kept dry as a way of discouraging fungal diseases. For the same reason, organic mulch is recommended as a way of decreasing water splashing, which can create unwanted moisture on the foliage. Also consider adding banana peels either in a liquid solution or chopped and buried beneath the plants as a way of adding phosphorous, which encourages flowering. Roses should be pruned and examined for fungal disease outbreaks and insects on a regular basis.

The American Lung Association Lung Force Initiative

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Lung Force

The holder of an MBA in finance from the University of Southern California, Mark Heiden draws on more than 40 years of financial experience in his role as managing director of investments for a California-based Wedbush Securities affiliate. In addition to his professional pursuits, Mark Heiden is a former board member of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association (ALA).

One of the ALA’s major initiatives is Lung Force, which serves to unite and mobilize women to promote the importance of lung health and advocate for funding to support advancements in lung cancer treatments and the availability of resources. Lung cancer is the most prevalent cancer killer of women and those diagnosed with the disease have just a 17.7 percent first-year survival rate. Moreover, the number of women dying from lung cancer each year has nearly doubled since 1990 and, over the past 39 years, the rate of women diagnosed with lung cancer has increased 94 percent.

Lung Force advocates are encouraged to contact their elected officials and urge them to support studies and resources relating to lung cancer. Another way they can make a difference is by sharing information through social media channels. Members can also participate in walks and expos or share their personal stories on the ALA Lung Force website to inspire others. In each of the last three years, ALA has hosted a Lung Force Advocacy Day.

Growing Roses in the Southern California Climate


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Growing Roses

Years into his management career, Mark Heiden followed in his father’s footsteps and became a financial advisor. Today, he works with California’s Wedbush Securities as managing director. When not at work, Mark Heiden loves to be outside fly fishing, riding horses, or growing roses at home in Newport Beach.

Southern California’s climate is dry and warm, so roses need deep roots to protect them from drought periods. The best way to train the roses to grow deeper roots is to water them thoroughly, but occasionally. New roses should be planted in December or January so they have a chance to grow their roots before the spring, and established flowers should be pruned around the same time. The dryness of the region can help prevent issues like fungus and mold, but miticides and fungicides may be needed during the cooler months of winter.

Many specific types of roses grow well in southern California. Gemini hybrid tea roses are particularly disease-resistant, and the St. Patrick variety does very well with the heat. Wing Ding Polyantha roses come in large clusters of red flowers and last a long time.